Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Well both Dustin and I are finishing up the semester and we each only have one left till graduation. Dustin is still waiting to hear back from ASU and we're still confident he will be accepted there for the graduate assistantship. So Dustin has his plans set for after graduation, but as for me, thats another story.
People have been asking me for the past year what my plans are after graduation and I have absolutely no clue. The only thing I have so far is hanging my degree on the wall so I can see what I just spent four years doing. Who knows what I'll do.
Dustin is the type of person with the plans, but as for me I just go with the flow. It might be a bad thing that I don't know what I'm going to do, but I don't look at it that way. I see it as an opportunity for discovery.
With my educational background I am flexible enough to go wherever Dustin needs to go in terms of jobs. I am fully supportive of his work and understand the passion he has for what he does. I can make that commitment to him to go wherever he needs me to go.
I am excited for what the future brings and I know there are going to be a lot of positive changes in the next year ;)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Meet The Parents (continued)

So this past week my mom (Sandy), sister (Dominique), and myself flew to Arizona to meet Gina's parents and sister. Gina (as you can tell) was very nervous and anxious about this event and there was no calming her down :)

We flew in mid-afternoon on a Tuesday and things already felt weird to actually have my parents with me in AZ. We first went to visit ASU (hopefully my future place for Grad school), but not until eating at Oregano's. It was a must to introduce my family to the all famous "Pazookie" and both of them fell in love with it just as I did when I first ate it. We had a nice lunch and some Chicago stuffed pizza that had way too much "stuff" on it. After we left there we went through ASU to show my mom and sister the sights. We also looked at apartment's while we were there. It was weird looking at places to live because I'm not even sure if I'll get the GA spot with Sports Med there (but I'm keeping positive.....gina). We looked at a place called the Grigio and it was defiantly a nice place. We also checked out a place called Grigio Metro, which was on a later day, and was nice as well. Once we were done at ASU we went to the hotel and just relaxed for a while before we made our way to Gina's house. On the way to Gina's house she was freakin out and getting all excited while the rest of us (Melvin's) were laughing at her. When we arrived, we were casually walked through the garage (inside joke) and into the house. To make a long story short everything went well, both parent's talked and enjoyed each other's company and really went smooth. Dominique would occasionally get bored and start texting (your average 15 year old teen girl), but she did enjoy the stay in AZ and loved everything about it.

On Wednesday we went hiking in sandals. Gina took us to some area where there was mountains and cacti. My mom and sis both wanted to see cactus's and take pictures so we ended up just walking around and next thing we know we are on top of a "mountain" (more like a big hill). The sight was amazing and was worth the hike. Afterwards we went to Gina's house to meet Meredith. My mom and sis stayed over there in the evening while I took Gina out for dinner. At this point I have to get off subject a little bit because this is the moment EVERYONE thought I was going to propose to Gina and sorry if I let anyone down but that did not happen. So to say the least Meredith was quite upset about no ring on Gina's finger (haha). But to get back on track....we went to the Melting Pot and this place was really really good. We could have just went for the cheese and chocolate but it was our first time so we had to go all out. The place was nice and we got to sit in a booth with a curtain cover so it was very romantic. Once our date was over we went back to the house and talked for a little with the parents. Then later that night we went to watch "New Moon" and I watched Gina and Meredith go crazy during the movie like 13 year old girls at a Backstreet Boys concert. But the movie was good so I can't rip on them too much :)

Thursday we had Thanksgiving dinner with the Amadee's and it was very nice and again everything went smoothly. I couldn't have asked for a better outcome than what we had. We all had moments to share and had good laughs.

Friday we went shopping because of BLACK FRIDAY. We went to a lot of places and spent most of our time at the Fashion Mall in Scottsdale (I think that's right). The mall wasn't too packed and everyone did their thing and got at least something for their selves. Later that night we went to Rustler's Rooste to eat and we basically went here for my mom and sis to eat somewhere new and fun. We all had a good dinner and ate SNAKE, plus we got T-shirts to prove our gutsy act.

Saturday me and Gina went to IKEA and some other places to shop. IKEA was HUGE and we basically went there to look at furniture for hopefully my future apartment :) We then went to the Amadee's and said our last goodbyes since we were leaving in the morning. The day before I leave is always the worst cause you have to pack your stuff and it's just a depressing moment.

Sunday came too quick and that is when we had to depart in the morning for Indy. The trip out was perfect and I couldn't have asked for a better outcome from the whole experience. So as many can see this was a big step in Gina and my relationship. This brought us closer, as does anytime we see each other and now we just have to see if ASU calls and hopefully everything falls into place :)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Meet The Parents

So Dustin and his mom and sister will be here tomorrow (well I guess it's technically today). This will be the first time our families have met and even though I'm excited I can't help but be a little nervous. I mean its a big deal when the families meet and I want to make sure everything goes well. It's so weird to think about it and every time I do I start to have a lil panic attack worrying and making sure everything is perfect. I know it'll be fine, but still.
So we will have thanksgiving all together at my house and I'll take them around to show them the sights of Az.
Its hard to believe that the day has finally come. We will see how much sleep I get tonight because I'll be running through plans in my head. I'm probably just psyching myself out.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 16, 2009

So it has been quite a while since the last blog...

Dustin and his mom and sister will be traveling out to AZ in a week to spend thanksgiving here with my Family. I'm excited and anxious and a little nervous because this is the first time our families have met. I don' have any doubts that it will go well, but i mean its a big deal! So they will be here in a week and I'm so excited to see dustin and to take his mom and sister around and show them AZ!

Well I've been waiting the past few weeks to see if purdue football made it to a bowl game....because if they didn't dustin would be able to go on vacation over new years. Well Purdue lost and will not be going to a bowl game this year. Its a bittersweet thing for dustin because one one hand he wants a vacation, but on the other hand it would have been pretty cool to go to a bowl game. Since dustin will be off, the plan is for me to fly out to indiana on christmas day (its cheaper plus i get to spend some christmas with him!) then on Dec. 27 he will work at the Colts and Jets game and I will get to see him do that. The New York Jets offered him the opportunity to work with them that game because it will be at the colts stadium. I'm sure he will be wearing a colts jersey underneath that Jets Athletic Training uniform.

After the game the plan is to drive....yes drive, from Indiana to Colorado to go skiing. Now I am not a skier at all, i'll do the bunny hills once or twice. Buts its so pretty up there in the winter and it'll be nice to have that vacation time with him.

and we are still waiting for Dustin to hear back from his Graduate application to ASU. I have absolutely no doubt that he will be admitted for the assistantship position and I can't wait until we know it is official and we can start planning his time out here!

I am excited for what is to come with Dustin and I. I still cannot believe that my life has turned out the way it has. I am so lucky and thankful to have someone like him and I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with him.
i love you.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

So I just got back from another trip out to Indiana. I hate leaving more than anything and no matter how positive I try and stay, I can't help but be sad.
But it was defiantly a great trip and a much needed vacation.
I flew in Wednesday night and the next day dustin had class and practice but we had lunch together then i went to the mall while he was at practice. That night we went out on our date for sushi and then went over to his friends house where we totally dominated at BP. I surprised both myself and him by how good i was. lol
Friday I just chilled while Dustin had practice then we went down to Lebanon for the Lebanon High School football game. It was the first time I went to a high school football game where it was actually cold outside! I was kewl to see him watch his old team and be there with him while he talked about when he played.
Saturday Dustin left early b/c he worked the Purdue/Ohio State game and I waited for his mom and sis to come up so we could head over to the game. Once again it was cold! But a good game. Purdue was defiantly expected to loose and they ended up beating Ohio who was #7. After the game we went back down to Lebanon and went out to dinner.
Sunday dustin had practice again so i got to spend the day with his mom and sister. Just like Dustin's said about my family, I've really come to love and see his family as my own. They are comming out to Arizona for thanksgiving and I am very anxious because this will be the first time our families have met! We then went to dinner with his dad that night then headed back up to Purdue.
Monday was the day I had to leave. Dustin had a test early in the morning then I got packed up and went back down to lebanon to hang out before I had to go to the airport. I hate saying goodbye, but I do see a light at the end of the tunnel because we are winding down on our time apart.
Dustin submitted his application to ASU for Grad school and I am so excited at the idea of us no longer being separated! They said it'd be a little bit before he hears a response but we are both fully confident that he has absolutely nothing to worry about!
So the next time I'll see Dustin will be thanksgiving and it will be along with his mom and sister.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Week of Excitement

-------------------------------Pumpkin Carving Last Year----------------------------------

So Gina will be here in 3 days and I couldn't be more excited! This week will start off slow but I have a feeling that Wednesday will come here before I know it. Seeing Gina is more than I could ask for and just thinking about seeing her soon gives me the chills. One thing about Fall here at Indiana is the tress start turning colors and the cold weather kicks in (and Gina freezes to death at a temp of 40-50 degrees). But that is OK because it gives us more reason to cuddle up, drink hot chocolate, and watch a movie. I can't wait to see her soon and I am very lucky to have her in my life.
Another note about this week is the Graduate Assistantship opens up on the 15th for Sports Medicine at ASU. I have my resume and cover letter ready to go, all I am waiting for is the posting. Once I submit that letter, it is all up to the training staff on if I will get a spot or not. I feel confident about the position but there is always that chance and you never know, but I don't like to look at things that way and just know that I will get in. It will be nice to have Gina by my side when I submit my letter to ASU. I will also be waiting every second for a phone call from them. If I were to get the position everything would be perfect and fall into place. But even if I don't things will still be amazing and will always work out and Gina and I will find a way to see eachother a lot :)
So this week is one that I have been looking forward to and it has gone from weeks to days and soon will be in minutes. I can't wait and I just wish Wednesday was here already.

Monday, October 5, 2009

So Fall has finally arrived in AZ (hopefully) and I am so excited that I'll soon be off to Indiana where the seasons actually change! But most importantly I am so excited to be with Dustin ;)
Like I've said before, the week before we see each other time seems to go by slow. We are both so anxious that perhaps we slow time down ourselves. But regardless the time always does come and we're off to see each other.
I've always thought there is something more romantic about the fall/winter. It's cold outside so you get to bundle up and keep each other warm. But we both know we need no excuse to cuddle up :)
I am so ready to go back to indiana and be with Dustin. I wish it could last forever but it's not too long until this distance is over.
Dustin's getting ready to send out his applications and resume for grad school and while I'm confident he'll have no problems, its still make me nervous. I can't believe that we will soon not have to worry about distance and we'll be together.
always and forever baby.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Emotional Roller coaster of Distance.

With a distance relationship, you start to notice that there is a mental and emotional cycle we go through when we are apart;
it starts right when we leave each other. The first 24 hours are the absolute worse. That night after leaving going to sleep not seeing their face as the last thing, and then the next morning having to text to person good-morning instead of telling them face to face. its the hard realization that just hours ago you were with them and now your alone.
The next couple days are in no way "easier" but we do get over the initial hump of leaving each other. We're still upset about not being together but we stay optimistic about being together again soon.
About 3 weeks before we see each other next, we start to become optimistic again. We frequently say we're excited to see each other soon and we can't wait. It does make the time go by much much faster when we can look at the situation in a positive way.
The day before always seems like it draggs on foooorever! It's like we're so close and time is just messing with our minds. I always think, "this time tomorrow i'll be with him" which adds to the anxiety.
And then the day of it obviously full on anxiety. It just seems like everything is moving in slow motion when all we want it to do is speed up.
After over two years, this has been perfected as a science. Dustin and I know the emotions and their cycles and how to help each other. Its difficult sometimes to deal with the emotions alone but we always stay optimistic about the future and know that soon we won't have to worry about the distance.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Missing Gina and Oregon Trip

Seeing Gina again was much needed, especially after not seeing her since the summer. Every moment was enjoyable and I couldn't ask for more. The hardest is the day after she leaves. It is just weird waking up or going throughout my day not seeing her. It's amazing how one minute she is her and the next she is gone. Since Gina has been gone I have been working with Purdue Football. We just got back from Oregon playing the Ducks. The whole thing was an amazing experience and I had a lot of fun. This was the first time that I was in the same time zone as Gina but not with her. That made things really weird and was different. I remember landing in Chi-Town (Chicago) and looking at the departures and the one next to our gate was leaving for PHX (oooooo how bad I wanted to hop on that flight). I think that friends and family are very important in long distance relationships because they give you support and relieve the feeling of not having Gina here with me. I miss her a lot already and only 1 month till I get to see her again :) (yes we do spoil eachother a lot). I Love You Babe!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Trip out to Indy

So it's been a little while since the last blog, I went out to visit Dustin in Indiana and was too busy spending time with him to actually write about it :).
It felt so good to see him, after what felt like soooo long. That first moment when we see each other is indescribable, all I can do is smile and run into his arm and once I'm there nothing else matters. I am so thankful to be with someone and to have such a strong relationship that no time or distance can affect.
So a little bit about what I did while in Indiana with Dustin...
I got in super late Wednesday Night so headed straight up to Purdue. Dustin got me a present a digital picture frame ;) I love that he is just so thoughtful and just does the most amazing things with no explanation at all. The next morning I took Dustin to his bowling class (yes that's right a bowling class) and after wards we got to have lunch then I spent the rest of the day at the local mall while he was at football practice. That night we went out to dinner to this delicious Sushi restaurant at Purdue. We have to go there every time I'm up at Purdue. You get to take your shoes off and sit on the ground and eat and OMG they have this New Spider Roll that is covered in the spicy soft crab meat...so good. I want one right now.
The Next day Dustin had football practice again in the afternoon so I did some more shopping. Then that night we went out with a couple of his friends to a local bar @ Purdue. You could get free hot dogs at the bar as long as you told the guy "please" I think I ate like 3.
Saturday was the Purdue football game. Dustin obviously had to work it so he left early in the morning and I stayed back and waited for his mom and sister (and sister's new BF) to come up to go over to the game. Game was good, they won which is a plus and afterwards we all went out to dinner.
Sunday Dustin had practice again in the afternoon and later that night we went back down to Lebanon to go to his mom's for a cookout. Some of his cousin's were there and I got to see his new ( I guess it would be 2nd cousin) Dakota who was just born. We sat around ate, made smore's and just talked. I really enjoy spending time with his Family. Like he said about meeting mine, they've always made me feel very welcome and are some of the funniest and most down to earth people. I feel as if they've already accepted me into the family.
So the next morning we went out to breakfast with his Dad then went off for a day of outlet shopping (see a theme here?) Got myself a new Coach at the outlet down there, my new toy ;) We then ate dinner then headed back up to Purdue.
The next day was the day I was leaving. I hate that day because i feel like a dark cloud is just hovering all day and no matter how hard you try to stay happy and optimistic, all you can think about is leaving each other. I took Dustin to his class, picked him up then met up with his mom for lunch. Dustin then had to go to football practice to I went with his mom for a little bit to do...(what else???) more shopping. Then we went back to Purdue so I could say my goodbye to Dustin.
It was the first time in our relationship that he didn't take me to the airport. It was hard still being there but not being with him, but it was good to have his mom there after we left each other for support. No matter how many times we've done it, I still hate leaving. I know I need to look at it positivly that we will see each other again soon, but like I said it's just so hard to part ways.
I am set to fly back out to Indiana Oct 14th. it seems like such a long ways away but we've found ways to make it go by fast. I am glad I got to spend time with him and wish that I never had to leave but I know soon we wont have to worry about distance and that is the most important thing. I love you always and forever.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Meeting the Amadee's

Meeting Gina's family for the first time (back in 07') was a great experience. Gina always told me things about Judy, Lou, and Meredith (which were good things) and to meet them put everything in perspective. I remember flying in that day and was really nervous but excited. I flew in late that night and by the time I arrived at Gina's house they were all asleep. So when I woke up the next day, Judy was in the kitchen and I introduced myself (because Gina sleeps forever :)). At first I didn't know it but Judy has become a mom away from home, just like their whole family has. That night we all had dinner together and I really got to know them very well, as they did with me. They all were very welcoming, nice, care-free, and made me feel right at home and they still do to this day. I am very lucky not only to have a beautiful and loving girlfriend, but to also have the same from her family is a plus.

Later in our relationship I had the honor to meet Gina's grandparents in PA (Judy's mom and dad). That again was an amazing experience and I was lucky to have meet them. We spent a lot of time with them while we were there and enjoyed doing a lot of things together, such as shopping at some clothes store that I can't remember the name of but Gina is obsessed with it, Golden Corral (haha), running, food (which was very good), learning about winery, and of course playing on the Wii. Watching Gina's grandparents playing the Wii was worth the drive to PA and needless to say they were pretty good at Tennis.

I also got to meet Lou's mother, which was very entertaining as well. As the whole family knows she likes her pictures and there is nothing wrong with trying to capture the moments. Lou's grandmother was full of energy and excitement and whenever she was around there was never a dull moment.

Then there is Meredith (just kidding). Meredith and Gina are sisters and both are very close even though it may not seem like that at times. Meredith is like a sister of mine too and she is probably the person with the most energy that I have ever seen, again even though at times it may not seem like it (again, just kidding Meredith). It's funny to hear Gina or anybody in their family to tell me about her life and her boy situation. What I mean by her boy situation is that I remember one time she was going to meet up with some guy who is a friend of a friend and Judy and Gina both wanted me to talk to Meredith about it and let her know the risks of going to see someone she really doesn't know. The situation wasn't as bad as it seems because the person that she meet was a good guy, but knowing Judy she was being protective over her daughter and I admired that. Needless to say Meredith came back alive and OK. But in all honesty Meredith is someone who I am glad that I meet, she has given me a different perspective in life (even though she doesn't think so) on how to live it and enjoy it.

Lastly, I had the pleasure in meeting some of Lou and Judy's closest friends (Chuck and many others) and siblings. They all were very friendly and again, full of excitement. They all are amazing people and have something unique about every single one of them. I have a lot of memories with them that I will never forget and I'm sure there will be more to come.

Most people don't look forward to meeting their significant others parents or in-laws but that's defiantly not the case with me, I would see them everyday if I could just as if they were a family of my own.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Day Before and The Day Of....

Gina is flying into Indy tomorrow and the day before is always filled with excitement, anxiousness, and makes for a long day. The day before either of us go to see each other, it seems as if the day just draaaaaags on. All I can think about is seeing her and how close we are. I always get nervous and butterflies in my stomach the day before and especially when I do see her, it's like the first kiss feeling all over again. Everything around us is mute and doesn't matter, also some of the feelings are indescribable. When we do see each other all worries are taken away from school, social life, personal problems, and knowing Gina is OK. Once we are together for about a couple of hours the excitement is still there but the nervous feeling and being shaky all goes away and then the time we spend together (however long that may be, from two days to two months) is unbelievable and I couldn't ask for more.
Another reason why I know Gina is the one because every-time we are together it's perfect and 100% love. Some people say oh well when you guys are together for awhile (2+ months it will get old) and that is completely false because we spent a summer together (basically with each-other 17 hours a day) and never got in one argument and fully enjoyed being together. I am very excited to see Gina again (as I always am) and tomorrow couldn't come any sooner. I Love You!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Its no surprise that Dustin and I met under special circumstances. We wern't going out and looking for potential date we just fell into each other's lives. I am so thankful that I found Dustin the way I did. I didn't have to deal with all that "akward dating and trying to find a good guy" thing most people deal with in college. I just can't imagine going out to parties,clubs and bars trying to find a potential date. I mean come on, what kind of guys do you think you find at bars and clubs?? Probably not the kind you wanna bring home to mom.
I think I'm the one whoes had the better experience, my time wasn't wasted going to places searching. I've got to spend the past 2 years (and the rest of my life) with an amazing person who I love very much. Becasuse I am so so thankful and lucky to have Dustin and I wouldnt give up anything about our relationship. When we first starting dating, I'd have a lot of people question the validity of our relationship, how could i have feelings like this so early on? But we both wondered that too, but we realized that when you find the one, you just know. You don't have to wait "X" amount of time to say "I love you" or even know that you love each other, it just happens and theres no time line.
We've been together for two years and our relationship continues to grow everyday. I can't even fathom a life without him in it. always and forever baby.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Jets Experience and Back Home

So now that I am back from the Jets training camp, I know have more time on my hands to be more involved with blogging (and talking to Gina :)).

The Jets experience was one of a kind and something that I will always remember. It consisted of a lot of work and long hours (which makes things hard on a relationship). It was difficult not being able to talk to Gina as much as I would like but it was just another obstacle that we overcame and are now back on track. It feels different coming back to Purdue this year, because I feel as if I came in a "level" higher than I was going out from Purdue. It's also different in the aspect of being closer to seeing Gina, being back kinda is a checkpoint in knowing that she will be here soon and everything will be perfect. One of the things that got me through camp is knowing that I can see her soon and also that I can be with my family for a little while. I try to always look at things positive in different situations, such as when Gina leaves or vice verse, as a milestone to us being together and not worrying about distance anymore rather than thinking that we won't be seeing each other in who knows how long (even though anytime we do leave each other it is sad). I am glad to be back home and I am hitting the ground running with Purdue football (which won't be AS time consuming as the NY Jets). I am looking forward to this last year of college at Purdue and plan to enjoy every moment of it, especially the days I get to see the love of my life. Gina is right in saying that this only means for us to be closer to one another and not having to worry about distance. I am working hard to hopefully get in as a GA with the ASU football team next year, so that way I can see Gina everyday, which will be weird at first but I'm sure I will get comfortable to that situation very quickly. I love you babe :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

One more year to go..

So while I am not so thrilled about going back to school, there is one thing to look foward to with this school year, it will be the last year Dustin and I will spend apart. Dustin is planning on comming out to ASU for Grad school so i am very excited for that. It will be weird at first not having to fly back and forth to see each other, by the time it rolls around, we woulda done distance for 3 years. Saves money on travel!
Its crazy to think we've come this far, that we are this close to something we've been talking about since we began dating. It's one of many milestones in our relationship and something that has been long awaited. The 2 years have gone by quickly when we look back (well I guess when your counting days until you see each other again, time tends to speed by). I am thankful for what a distance relationship has taught us but i definatly won't mind seeing him whenever i want :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Marriage Question.

Dustin and I get the marriage question a lot from other people; "when are you getting married?" or "are you enegaged now?" No Dustin and I are not currently (technically..lol) engaged or married. But there is absolutly no doubt in either of our minds that someday we will be. We've known since very early on in our relationship that there would never be anyone else for either of us. Some people questioned or critized us asking how we could possibly know at such a young age, and after knowing each other for such a short period of time. But there are no rules when it comes to love and anyone whoes ever been in love can vouch for that. There's no time lines or schedules to follow, when it happens it happens and there's no stopping it. Everyone has there own plans and desires.
There's no one else I'd rather spend the rest of my life with than him.
Would I like to be a "mrs." right now? Of course. But we both know that getting married or engaged is worth the wait We've talked about it many time, "what about a long engagment?" or when we plan on tying the knot, ultimatly we decided 1. Wait till we're done with school. 2. We both (or one of us) has a steady job 3. we can support ourselves together. In my mind and in his we are "engaged to be engaged". It's so hard being away from Dustin just as his girlfriend I think it would be harder to be away as his fiance. But despite the time, you still think about it and plan for the future. What girl hasn't planned for her wedding since she was like 5? My mom jokes around and says "There's an order to things...graduate college THEN marriage"
I am lucky and bless to be in a relationship where we know for certain we will be together forever and that hope for the future keeps us going when we're apart.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Just a Few Reasons on Why I Love You

When Gina and I met, I knew that it was going to become something more than just friends. I just knew that she was the one within minutes of getting to know her. Her personality is one of a kind, she is absolutely beautiful, and she is something I have always wanted in a relationship. She is very caring and strong willed. One thing that I remember when we first met was when we first started to hold hands. It was cute yet kinda funny at the same time because I remember sometimes I would swing my hand into hers as we were walking to see if she would catch on and grasp my hand (needless to say it worked :)). Also our first kiss was one to remember.....the moment was right and it was the first time that I actually had "butterflies" in my stomach, I swear my whole body was tingling and that is how it's suppose to feel. When we went on our first date together I got to learn a lot about Gina, her family, and her past. As all of her friends would probably describe her: she is funny, cute, and outgoing, but I found more things about her that some people might have not caught on to. Such as how she is always concerned about how someone is or making sure that everyone is happy, especially those that are close to her and that proved to me that if we were going to be together that she would always make the best effort to make sure I was happy and that I would do the same for her and she always has since we first met and I couldn't ask more from her. You know your in love when you see that special person because every time you see each-other your body goes numb, your legs feel weak, your heart is pounding loudly, and your lost for words except for the three words, "I Love You." Every time we see each other everything else is forgotten and all that matters to me is us and only us.
Our relationship has grown a lot since Day 1 and it only keeps getting stronger. I honestly couldn't see myself with anyone else in life and I truly am one of the luckiest person to have Gina as my girlfriend/future wife. Gina has always caught my hand when I reach for her since Day 1 and she nor I will never let go. I love you sweetheart with all my heart and I can't wait to see you soon!!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Always and Forever

"So it's not gonna be easy. It's gonna be really hard. We're gonna have to work at this every day, but I want to do that because I want you. I want all of you, for ever, you and me, every day." -The Notebook

Dustin and I both knew going into this relationship that being away from each other was not going to be an easy thing. But we both know that it is absolutly worth it, because soon we will be together and not have to worry about any distance separating us. Nothing else is as important to me as he is, he is the love of my life and it's going to be us, always and forever. I love you baby.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Here's a look at what Dustin's been up to with the Jets
I am so proud and happy for him that he gets this great opportunity, i can't help but also be a little envious that I don't get to spend this time with him. One of the qualities I love about him is his desire to suceed and strong work ethic. I am thankful that with those qualities he can balance out our relationships, because like he said me and my 20+ majors. (not really but I'm quite diverse)
I feel bad getting upset or jealous that he has these other things that consume his time, is it so bad to want to have him all to myself? I would never tell him to put something on hold or give something up on account of me, I just get frustrated sometimes. I miss him so much and it gets hard to share him with other things.
I know what he is doing now will only help us in the future and I can't complain about that. He is such an amazing person and should be so proud of all he has achomplished academically, because I definatly am.
I love you baby, always and forever.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I consider myself to be very lucky to have found someone so early in life and in such a way that give's us such an amazing story. It's a bittersweet thing, to know you have the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, but to be separated from them by hundreds of miles. If I could would I have changed the distance from the beginning? That's a hard question to answer. While I would give anything to be with Dustin all the time and to see him whenever I want; our distance relationship makes us stronger. Im not sure, if I could do it all again, would I change it? There were so so many time I would have given anything to have just be able to pick up and move to where he is. It gets so difficult and so heartbreaking to be away from each other. But the positive result of all of it is that our relationship is going to be so much stronger and we will be able to deal with so many challenges that may come our way in our lives because we delt with something early on and made it through together.

It's been two years, how the time flies. I guess it tends to go by a little quicker when the majority of the time is spent counting down days until the next time we see each other. It amazes me all the things we've got to experiece together despite being separated during a good portion of these 2 years. I've had the pleasure of traveling with his family, we've gone on road trips to visit my grandparents, and each time we are together there is always something we want to share with each other. We've learned to appreciate things more and cherish the time we spend together. Even a dinner and a movie, which most people probably take for granet, is special to us because its a moment we get to share together. I think that even when we do have the luxury of living in the same place, we won't loose that appreciation of each other. We know that we are so lucky to be together and we should cherish every single moment.

We're in the home stretch right now, Dustin and I are in our last years of school and soon we will be together. It is a constant course of hope for us, the idea of not having to deal with distance and just being together whenever we want to be. I have no doubt that our plans for the future will work out for us, but no matter what our love can withstand whatever life brings us.

I love you baby always and forever.

The Story, The Future, and Getting Closer

Gina and I have many methods of telling our story on how we ended up together, the short story (for those who know the people involved in us finding eachother), the detailed story (for those not familiar with those involved), and the speedy story (for when we are tired of telling the same story 3x a day, even-though it is a great story :) I Love you babe). I believe that love cannot be forced upon and that it must come when it is time. Some people find it at 16, others at 35 and that is what makes love so interesting but yet confusing. When Gina flew over to Indiana in the summer of '07, I had no idea that I would end up with the love of my life, but yet I did want to meet her. Love can do many things to people and when I met Gina for the first time, it was honestly love at first sight, yeah some people don't believe in that (but neither did I at first), and I defiantly do now from my whole experience. The feeling is indescribable and the connection is...well....just there...and again, it's nothing you can force on anyone. I hate it when people say, "ohh long distance relationships don't last" or like on MTV, the show "True Life" (or whatever it's called), it shows long distance relationships failing all the time and it doesn't always end up like that. If you honestly love someone enough, distance won't matter because love is the strongest thing a person can have for someone else and if its strong enough, nothing will tear it down and I known that me and Gina are at that point and always have been since day 1.
The future for me is not totally up in the air but is relying the pieces to fall in the right order. I am wanting to get my Masters at ASU (Arizona State University) for obvious reasons, but also for professional reasons as well. I then want to hopefully get a season long intern with an NFL team or head straight into the work force. Gina is about to finish up school and has many opportunities with her 20+ majors (just kidding babe :). It's an exciting time in our life but yet a scary one too, because were totally not sure if everything will fall in the right pieces, and if not, so be it, we will still be able to work it out and move on together. Which brings me to another point, even when your future isn't all planned out and your worried that things might not workout with your significant other, don't worry because if the love is there, Love conquers everything.
One thing that Gina and I do is a "countdown" to the days till we see eachother. There is good and bad to that. The good is that when you are in single digits the time flys by, the bad is when you have 30+ days till you see eachother. So something we always say when we are roughly 2-3 weeks from seeing eachother is that, "we are getting closer" and "I get to see you :)" mainly for a mental thing to keep us going. We both spoil eachother a lot though (compared to other distance relationships) in seeing eachother because I'll admit it, it's hard not to see eachother for so many days , especially when you don't know when the next time you will see eachother again. Which brings me to a story, I don't remember the exact date, but one random weekend I surprised Gina on a flight out to AZ and the whole experience when I called her to tell her that I am in AZ was cute, funny, and VERY emotional at the same time. I remember calling her and all she could do was cry and say "Are you really here?". It was a special moment, especially when she was like, "but I don't have any make-up on, I don't smell good, my hair is bad, and I'm crying." That moment will forever stick in my memory and it kept our relationship new and exciting, which is always needed.
I feel like I just gave a presentation and lesson/tips on distance dating (which wasn't my complete purpose), but I felt like it needed to be out there and be known that Love is an incredible thing and it can make you crazy (but in a good way) and nothing can stand in it's way if it is strong enough. With Gina, nothing can do that because our love is soo powerful and will last forever and ever. I Love you sweetheart!

Monday, August 10, 2009

wouldnt it be nice.....

You will never hear either of us say distance is easy. Being apart from the person you love has got to be one of the most emotionally challenging things.

Just think, I can't call Dustin up on a Friday night and say "wanna go out?" or just to hang out with each other. There are so many people in relationships right now that take it for granet. Really, it almost makes me mad when i see couples who have the luxury of being in the same place, fighting and arguing when they should just feel lucky that they get to be with each other. Then it will sometimes turn into
jealousy because I don't think it's fair that they get to be together and I can't be with the one I love. It get so hard sometimes, but the one thing that keeps both of us going in knowing that someday soon we won't have to worry about distance any longer, soon we will be together.

Just like the beach boys say, "wouldnt it be nice if we were older, then we wouldnt have to wait so long..."

I love you baby always and forever.

Another Day Without You

So here I am again at 10:30 pm and just getting off work with the Jets. One thing that is hard about this whole intern thing is that I don't get to talk to you a lot (only at night when I'm going to bed) and that drives me crazy compared to when I'm back in Indy and I get to talk to you a couple of times throughout the day. I miss you sweetheart more and more everyday. One thing that we have learned throughout the years is that Webcam for long distance relationships is a lifesaver.....BUT DO NOT USE THEM UNTIL A COUPLE OF DAYS AFTER YOU DEPART FROM EACH OTHER.....I remember when we first got Webcams (for Christmas one year) and when we left each other after being together for a week or so, we talked when we both got back that night and it was one of the most emotional times of our lives! But anyways it's late and I'm tired. I Love You Babe!!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The First one from Dustin

K, well I'm new to this blogging so cut me some slack for the first couple of blogs. I am currently in New York/New Jersey with the Jets as an intern for Sports Medicine and about 3 weeks into it. I didn't think going to New York would make things harder distance wise since we are already some 1,000 miles away from each other, but it def does. It sucks not being able to talk to you as much and it's always the little things that remind me of you and it seems to happen at least 10x a day. One thing I have learned about long distance love/dating/practically married relationships is that you make sure to make use of every second together and cherish every moment and to live with no regrets and I think we do a great job in making sure that we enjoy every moment to its fullest. Like always I wish we could just be together and knowing that you are safe. I Love You Babe, forever and always!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Our Story

We decided to do this for a couple of reasons;

First, to express our feelings about the distance and how we make it happen.

Second, to look back on later in our relationship when we finially have the luxury of living in the same place

And lastly, as a peek into what the two of us go through on a daily basis. Even though we may only physically see each other for a short time, our relationship isnt put on hold just because we arn't in the same place. We love each other very much and the thought of one day bein together is what keeps us going.

So I guess the best place to start is at the beginning, everyone always asks us, "How did you meet?"

It all started with Brittany Dowden (shout-out!). She grew up in a small town called Lebanon Indiana and moved out to AZ our sophmore year of High School. She always missed Indiana and decided to move back after we graduated. On one of her trips back to AZ after moving, we began talking about me possibly flying out to Indiana to visit her. I liked the idea of going to the place she had talked so much about and getting to see what all the excitment was. She also had another idea about introducing me to a childhood friend of her whom she though I would like. I agreed to comming out to visit, and said I would meet this guy, but would make no promises about any dating or anything.

When I landed in Indiana Brit was there to pick me up at the airport, along with Dustin, her friend who she thought I should become aquainted with. I went into the situation with Dustin with no intentions or ideas and decided what would it hurt to hang out with him for a week?

As the week went on, my interaction and relationship with Dustin progressed. I would catch myself wondering where he was or if he was going to be hanging out with us that day. I wanted him around, I wanted to be around him. I honestly was beginning to develop feelings for someone I had known less than a week. What was going on? I was so confused but I decided to just go with it and see where it lead me.

One day, we all decided to drive to Kings Island in cincinnati for a little amusment park day trip. Dustin and I spent the whole day together and our flirting progressed. As our day came to a close, we decided to take a trip up the replicated Eifle Tower oberver tower they have at the park. Standing up there watching the sun set, Dustin turned to me and asked me if I would like to accompany him out to dinner-just the two of us. Well I'm sure you can guess what my answer was.

Our first date was on June 30th 2007. He took me out for italian and then we went back to town to take a walk around the park ( insert "awwwww" here). I could tell he was trying to find the right moment to make a move but for the time beging I was just enjoying being there with him, and yes it was amusing to watch him attempt (even though I wanted the exact same thing he did, but its fun to play hard to get ;) ) Now I won't go into exact details as to where or when the first kiss occured, but all I can say was that at that moment, as crazy as it sounds, I knew that he was special.

A few days later I unfortunatly had to leave Indiana. As we got to the airport I tried my best to hold back tears. I am thinking to myself, "why should I be crying, I've known this guy a week?" My feelings and my head were completly scrambled, but all I knew was he was important and something inside of me was saying don't leave him. He promised we'd see each other again and I thanked him for making me feel more important than I had in a long time. I cried the whole plane ride home, confused and upset, just wanting to go back and be with him again. I kept wondering if he was really serious about seeing me again or if this was just going to be a summer romance that I would hold onto.

This all was two years ago, Dustin and I have never lived in the same place, we fly back and forth to see each other multiple times a year. We're very lucky in that aspect that we get to see each other more than many long-distance couples, but it does not make the time apart any easier. Everytime I tell our story I get the same reaction, "That must be so hard, I could never do that!" My only response to that is that true love can stand the test of anything, time, distance whatever, and if you can't do it then it's not true. We knew going into it, it wasn't going to be easy but this distance will make us stronger in the long run. We've learned to appreciate things more when we're together and developed a relationship that isn't based on pure physical proximity.

Even though our relationship is difficult, I still consider myself a lucky one to have met someone in such a unique way and to share a bond with them that can transend the test of distance and time. Someday we wont have to worry about distance, but we will always look back at our time apart as the time when our love and relationship grew into a foundation for the rest of our lives.