Tuesday, October 20, 2009

So I just got back from another trip out to Indiana. I hate leaving more than anything and no matter how positive I try and stay, I can't help but be sad.
But it was defiantly a great trip and a much needed vacation.
I flew in Wednesday night and the next day dustin had class and practice but we had lunch together then i went to the mall while he was at practice. That night we went out on our date for sushi and then went over to his friends house where we totally dominated at BP. I surprised both myself and him by how good i was. lol
Friday I just chilled while Dustin had practice then we went down to Lebanon for the Lebanon High School football game. It was the first time I went to a high school football game where it was actually cold outside! I was kewl to see him watch his old team and be there with him while he talked about when he played.
Saturday Dustin left early b/c he worked the Purdue/Ohio State game and I waited for his mom and sis to come up so we could head over to the game. Once again it was cold! But a good game. Purdue was defiantly expected to loose and they ended up beating Ohio who was #7. After the game we went back down to Lebanon and went out to dinner.
Sunday dustin had practice again so i got to spend the day with his mom and sister. Just like Dustin's said about my family, I've really come to love and see his family as my own. They are comming out to Arizona for thanksgiving and I am very anxious because this will be the first time our families have met! We then went to dinner with his dad that night then headed back up to Purdue.
Monday was the day I had to leave. Dustin had a test early in the morning then I got packed up and went back down to lebanon to hang out before I had to go to the airport. I hate saying goodbye, but I do see a light at the end of the tunnel because we are winding down on our time apart.
Dustin submitted his application to ASU for Grad school and I am so excited at the idea of us no longer being separated! They said it'd be a little bit before he hears a response but we are both fully confident that he has absolutely nothing to worry about!
So the next time I'll see Dustin will be thanksgiving and it will be along with his mom and sister.

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