Sunday, October 11, 2009

Week of Excitement

-------------------------------Pumpkin Carving Last Year----------------------------------

So Gina will be here in 3 days and I couldn't be more excited! This week will start off slow but I have a feeling that Wednesday will come here before I know it. Seeing Gina is more than I could ask for and just thinking about seeing her soon gives me the chills. One thing about Fall here at Indiana is the tress start turning colors and the cold weather kicks in (and Gina freezes to death at a temp of 40-50 degrees). But that is OK because it gives us more reason to cuddle up, drink hot chocolate, and watch a movie. I can't wait to see her soon and I am very lucky to have her in my life.
Another note about this week is the Graduate Assistantship opens up on the 15th for Sports Medicine at ASU. I have my resume and cover letter ready to go, all I am waiting for is the posting. Once I submit that letter, it is all up to the training staff on if I will get a spot or not. I feel confident about the position but there is always that chance and you never know, but I don't like to look at things that way and just know that I will get in. It will be nice to have Gina by my side when I submit my letter to ASU. I will also be waiting every second for a phone call from them. If I were to get the position everything would be perfect and fall into place. But even if I don't things will still be amazing and will always work out and Gina and I will find a way to see eachother a lot :)
So this week is one that I have been looking forward to and it has gone from weeks to days and soon will be in minutes. I can't wait and I just wish Wednesday was here already.

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