Monday, October 5, 2009

So Fall has finally arrived in AZ (hopefully) and I am so excited that I'll soon be off to Indiana where the seasons actually change! But most importantly I am so excited to be with Dustin ;)
Like I've said before, the week before we see each other time seems to go by slow. We are both so anxious that perhaps we slow time down ourselves. But regardless the time always does come and we're off to see each other.
I've always thought there is something more romantic about the fall/winter. It's cold outside so you get to bundle up and keep each other warm. But we both know we need no excuse to cuddle up :)
I am so ready to go back to indiana and be with Dustin. I wish it could last forever but it's not too long until this distance is over.
Dustin's getting ready to send out his applications and resume for grad school and while I'm confident he'll have no problems, its still make me nervous. I can't believe that we will soon not have to worry about distance and we'll be together.
always and forever baby.

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  1. Gina! I love your blog! I am so happy for you and Dustin! It is so beautiful to see how much you both love each other!