Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Emotional Roller coaster of Distance.

With a distance relationship, you start to notice that there is a mental and emotional cycle we go through when we are apart;
it starts right when we leave each other. The first 24 hours are the absolute worse. That night after leaving going to sleep not seeing their face as the last thing, and then the next morning having to text to person good-morning instead of telling them face to face. its the hard realization that just hours ago you were with them and now your alone.
The next couple days are in no way "easier" but we do get over the initial hump of leaving each other. We're still upset about not being together but we stay optimistic about being together again soon.
About 3 weeks before we see each other next, we start to become optimistic again. We frequently say we're excited to see each other soon and we can't wait. It does make the time go by much much faster when we can look at the situation in a positive way.
The day before always seems like it draggs on foooorever! It's like we're so close and time is just messing with our minds. I always think, "this time tomorrow i'll be with him" which adds to the anxiety.
And then the day of it obviously full on anxiety. It just seems like everything is moving in slow motion when all we want it to do is speed up.
After over two years, this has been perfected as a science. Dustin and I know the emotions and their cycles and how to help each other. Its difficult sometimes to deal with the emotions alone but we always stay optimistic about the future and know that soon we won't have to worry about the distance.

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