Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Trip out to Indy

So it's been a little while since the last blog, I went out to visit Dustin in Indiana and was too busy spending time with him to actually write about it :).
It felt so good to see him, after what felt like soooo long. That first moment when we see each other is indescribable, all I can do is smile and run into his arm and once I'm there nothing else matters. I am so thankful to be with someone and to have such a strong relationship that no time or distance can affect.
So a little bit about what I did while in Indiana with Dustin...
I got in super late Wednesday Night so headed straight up to Purdue. Dustin got me a present a digital picture frame ;) I love that he is just so thoughtful and just does the most amazing things with no explanation at all. The next morning I took Dustin to his bowling class (yes that's right a bowling class) and after wards we got to have lunch then I spent the rest of the day at the local mall while he was at football practice. That night we went out to dinner to this delicious Sushi restaurant at Purdue. We have to go there every time I'm up at Purdue. You get to take your shoes off and sit on the ground and eat and OMG they have this New Spider Roll that is covered in the spicy soft crab good. I want one right now.
The Next day Dustin had football practice again in the afternoon so I did some more shopping. Then that night we went out with a couple of his friends to a local bar @ Purdue. You could get free hot dogs at the bar as long as you told the guy "please" I think I ate like 3.
Saturday was the Purdue football game. Dustin obviously had to work it so he left early in the morning and I stayed back and waited for his mom and sister (and sister's new BF) to come up to go over to the game. Game was good, they won which is a plus and afterwards we all went out to dinner.
Sunday Dustin had practice again in the afternoon and later that night we went back down to Lebanon to go to his mom's for a cookout. Some of his cousin's were there and I got to see his new ( I guess it would be 2nd cousin) Dakota who was just born. We sat around ate, made smore's and just talked. I really enjoy spending time with his Family. Like he said about meeting mine, they've always made me feel very welcome and are some of the funniest and most down to earth people. I feel as if they've already accepted me into the family.
So the next morning we went out to breakfast with his Dad then went off for a day of outlet shopping (see a theme here?) Got myself a new Coach at the outlet down there, my new toy ;) We then ate dinner then headed back up to Purdue.
The next day was the day I was leaving. I hate that day because i feel like a dark cloud is just hovering all day and no matter how hard you try to stay happy and optimistic, all you can think about is leaving each other. I took Dustin to his class, picked him up then met up with his mom for lunch. Dustin then had to go to football practice to I went with his mom for a little bit to do...(what else???) more shopping. Then we went back to Purdue so I could say my goodbye to Dustin.
It was the first time in our relationship that he didn't take me to the airport. It was hard still being there but not being with him, but it was good to have his mom there after we left each other for support. No matter how many times we've done it, I still hate leaving. I know I need to look at it positivly that we will see each other again soon, but like I said it's just so hard to part ways.
I am set to fly back out to Indiana Oct 14th. it seems like such a long ways away but we've found ways to make it go by fast. I am glad I got to spend time with him and wish that I never had to leave but I know soon we wont have to worry about distance and that is the most important thing. I love you always and forever.

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