Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Day Before and The Day Of....

Gina is flying into Indy tomorrow and the day before is always filled with excitement, anxiousness, and makes for a long day. The day before either of us go to see each other, it seems as if the day just draaaaaags on. All I can think about is seeing her and how close we are. I always get nervous and butterflies in my stomach the day before and especially when I do see her, it's like the first kiss feeling all over again. Everything around us is mute and doesn't matter, also some of the feelings are indescribable. When we do see each other all worries are taken away from school, social life, personal problems, and knowing Gina is OK. Once we are together for about a couple of hours the excitement is still there but the nervous feeling and being shaky all goes away and then the time we spend together (however long that may be, from two days to two months) is unbelievable and I couldn't ask for more.
Another reason why I know Gina is the one because every-time we are together it's perfect and 100% love. Some people say oh well when you guys are together for awhile (2+ months it will get old) and that is completely false because we spent a summer together (basically with each-other 17 hours a day) and never got in one argument and fully enjoyed being together. I am very excited to see Gina again (as I always am) and tomorrow couldn't come any sooner. I Love You!

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