Sunday, August 16, 2009

Just a Few Reasons on Why I Love You

When Gina and I met, I knew that it was going to become something more than just friends. I just knew that she was the one within minutes of getting to know her. Her personality is one of a kind, she is absolutely beautiful, and she is something I have always wanted in a relationship. She is very caring and strong willed. One thing that I remember when we first met was when we first started to hold hands. It was cute yet kinda funny at the same time because I remember sometimes I would swing my hand into hers as we were walking to see if she would catch on and grasp my hand (needless to say it worked :)). Also our first kiss was one to remember.....the moment was right and it was the first time that I actually had "butterflies" in my stomach, I swear my whole body was tingling and that is how it's suppose to feel. When we went on our first date together I got to learn a lot about Gina, her family, and her past. As all of her friends would probably describe her: she is funny, cute, and outgoing, but I found more things about her that some people might have not caught on to. Such as how she is always concerned about how someone is or making sure that everyone is happy, especially those that are close to her and that proved to me that if we were going to be together that she would always make the best effort to make sure I was happy and that I would do the same for her and she always has since we first met and I couldn't ask more from her. You know your in love when you see that special person because every time you see each-other your body goes numb, your legs feel weak, your heart is pounding loudly, and your lost for words except for the three words, "I Love You." Every time we see each other everything else is forgotten and all that matters to me is us and only us.
Our relationship has grown a lot since Day 1 and it only keeps getting stronger. I honestly couldn't see myself with anyone else in life and I truly am one of the luckiest person to have Gina as my girlfriend/future wife. Gina has always caught my hand when I reach for her since Day 1 and she nor I will never let go. I love you sweetheart with all my heart and I can't wait to see you soon!!!

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