Monday, August 10, 2009

Another Day Without You

So here I am again at 10:30 pm and just getting off work with the Jets. One thing that is hard about this whole intern thing is that I don't get to talk to you a lot (only at night when I'm going to bed) and that drives me crazy compared to when I'm back in Indy and I get to talk to you a couple of times throughout the day. I miss you sweetheart more and more everyday. One thing that we have learned throughout the years is that Webcam for long distance relationships is a lifesaver.....BUT DO NOT USE THEM UNTIL A COUPLE OF DAYS AFTER YOU DEPART FROM EACH OTHER.....I remember when we first got Webcams (for Christmas one year) and when we left each other after being together for a week or so, we talked when we both got back that night and it was one of the most emotional times of our lives! But anyways it's late and I'm tired. I Love You Babe!!!!

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