Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Here's a look at what Dustin's been up to with the Jets
I am so proud and happy for him that he gets this great opportunity, i can't help but also be a little envious that I don't get to spend this time with him. One of the qualities I love about him is his desire to suceed and strong work ethic. I am thankful that with those qualities he can balance out our relationships, because like he said me and my 20+ majors. (not really but I'm quite diverse)
I feel bad getting upset or jealous that he has these other things that consume his time, is it so bad to want to have him all to myself? I would never tell him to put something on hold or give something up on account of me, I just get frustrated sometimes. I miss him so much and it gets hard to share him with other things.
I know what he is doing now will only help us in the future and I can't complain about that. He is such an amazing person and should be so proud of all he has achomplished academically, because I definatly am.
I love you baby, always and forever.

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