Wednesday, August 26, 2009

One more year to go..

So while I am not so thrilled about going back to school, there is one thing to look foward to with this school year, it will be the last year Dustin and I will spend apart. Dustin is planning on comming out to ASU for Grad school so i am very excited for that. It will be weird at first not having to fly back and forth to see each other, by the time it rolls around, we woulda done distance for 3 years. Saves money on travel!
Its crazy to think we've come this far, that we are this close to something we've been talking about since we began dating. It's one of many milestones in our relationship and something that has been long awaited. The 2 years have gone by quickly when we look back (well I guess when your counting days until you see each other again, time tends to speed by). I am thankful for what a distance relationship has taught us but i definatly won't mind seeing him whenever i want :)

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