Sunday, August 9, 2009

The First one from Dustin

K, well I'm new to this blogging so cut me some slack for the first couple of blogs. I am currently in New York/New Jersey with the Jets as an intern for Sports Medicine and about 3 weeks into it. I didn't think going to New York would make things harder distance wise since we are already some 1,000 miles away from each other, but it def does. It sucks not being able to talk to you as much and it's always the little things that remind me of you and it seems to happen at least 10x a day. One thing I have learned about long distance love/dating/practically married relationships is that you make sure to make use of every second together and cherish every moment and to live with no regrets and I think we do a great job in making sure that we enjoy every moment to its fullest. Like always I wish we could just be together and knowing that you are safe. I Love You Babe, forever and always!

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