Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Story, The Future, and Getting Closer

Gina and I have many methods of telling our story on how we ended up together, the short story (for those who know the people involved in us finding eachother), the detailed story (for those not familiar with those involved), and the speedy story (for when we are tired of telling the same story 3x a day, even-though it is a great story :) I Love you babe). I believe that love cannot be forced upon and that it must come when it is time. Some people find it at 16, others at 35 and that is what makes love so interesting but yet confusing. When Gina flew over to Indiana in the summer of '07, I had no idea that I would end up with the love of my life, but yet I did want to meet her. Love can do many things to people and when I met Gina for the first time, it was honestly love at first sight, yeah some people don't believe in that (but neither did I at first), and I defiantly do now from my whole experience. The feeling is indescribable and the connection is...well....just there...and again, it's nothing you can force on anyone. I hate it when people say, "ohh long distance relationships don't last" or like on MTV, the show "True Life" (or whatever it's called), it shows long distance relationships failing all the time and it doesn't always end up like that. If you honestly love someone enough, distance won't matter because love is the strongest thing a person can have for someone else and if its strong enough, nothing will tear it down and I known that me and Gina are at that point and always have been since day 1.
The future for me is not totally up in the air but is relying the pieces to fall in the right order. I am wanting to get my Masters at ASU (Arizona State University) for obvious reasons, but also for professional reasons as well. I then want to hopefully get a season long intern with an NFL team or head straight into the work force. Gina is about to finish up school and has many opportunities with her 20+ majors (just kidding babe :). It's an exciting time in our life but yet a scary one too, because were totally not sure if everything will fall in the right pieces, and if not, so be it, we will still be able to work it out and move on together. Which brings me to another point, even when your future isn't all planned out and your worried that things might not workout with your significant other, don't worry because if the love is there, Love conquers everything.
One thing that Gina and I do is a "countdown" to the days till we see eachother. There is good and bad to that. The good is that when you are in single digits the time flys by, the bad is when you have 30+ days till you see eachother. So something we always say when we are roughly 2-3 weeks from seeing eachother is that, "we are getting closer" and "I get to see you :)" mainly for a mental thing to keep us going. We both spoil eachother a lot though (compared to other distance relationships) in seeing eachother because I'll admit it, it's hard not to see eachother for so many days , especially when you don't know when the next time you will see eachother again. Which brings me to a story, I don't remember the exact date, but one random weekend I surprised Gina on a flight out to AZ and the whole experience when I called her to tell her that I am in AZ was cute, funny, and VERY emotional at the same time. I remember calling her and all she could do was cry and say "Are you really here?". It was a special moment, especially when she was like, "but I don't have any make-up on, I don't smell good, my hair is bad, and I'm crying." That moment will forever stick in my memory and it kept our relationship new and exciting, which is always needed.
I feel like I just gave a presentation and lesson/tips on distance dating (which wasn't my complete purpose), but I felt like it needed to be out there and be known that Love is an incredible thing and it can make you crazy (but in a good way) and nothing can stand in it's way if it is strong enough. With Gina, nothing can do that because our love is soo powerful and will last forever and ever. I Love you sweetheart!

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