Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I'm terrible...

I really have become quite terrible at updating. Its not that I have nothing to talk about, its just I remember at the wrong times that i need to update.
Well its still football season which means Dustin's still super busy and seeming to get busier now since the Cowboys are UnDEFEATED! It's awesome becuase they thought they would never do this well and their projected to go to a bowl game. The Insight Bowl is in the running which would be AWESOME becuase its in Tempe and it'd be great to go back there and show everyone my old stomping ground.
Homecomming is this weekend and aparently its a pretty big deal (just like every other game here). SO that should be fun.
Ok enough about football (even though that seems to be determining my life lately).
My Mom came the other weekend and stayed for about 5 days. It was nice to have her here and have someone from home. It did make me miss home a lil but I'm content being here and even though everyday is an adjustment I'm happy and thankful for the new experiences (and being with Dustin!)
And in other little Buggie is no more...I have officially gotten rid of the bug and purchased a new car. I had to think about it for about a month and a half but I finially decided on a black 2 door cobalt. It nice to have a car thats reliable and new but it was a little bittersweet saying goodbye to the bug. I've yelled at it many of times, but we've been though a lot together. But my new car is nice..i even went and bought some car wax and cleaner and took it to the car wash today. SO hopefully I can keep up this routine.
Well hopefully it wont be another month before the next update and I'm sure more even will be happening...

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