Friday, November 5, 2010

Aparently it gets cold in certain parts of the country...

So i can't say fall has "snuck up" on me because it wasn't like it slowly began to get cold, all of a sudden one day i walked out to my car and there was frost (frozen water for all you arizona folks) on my car. At first i tried doing all i knew how to do...turn on my windshield wipers. When that only proved to scrap over the ice and not take it off, i resorted to a dumb plan B, wipe the ice off with my hand...nope that didn't work either and only suceeded to make my hands freezing. So finially i remembered my dad had given me an ice pick and said "someday you'll need this" well this someday was today. So i ran back to my apartment grabbed my ice pick and attempted to do something I never thought i'd ever do.
Now I've been told its only going to get colder here and while I like the change of the seasons, i don't think i'm prepared for it. I did an inventory of my "winter wear" the other day and it just isn't quite up to Oklahoma par. Heck in AZ we wear flip flops through winter!
So i went out and bought socks, gloves a coat, but i still don't know how I'm going to do this whole cold weather thing.
Ah well it's all part of the adventure.....

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