Sunday, September 12, 2010

Football Season in Oklahoma

I have come to discover in this town and this state that football and OSU rules. Its so different from growing up in Arizona were we produce nothing but dissapointing sports teams. Football is a way of life and everything revolves around the upcomming game and preping for it. There are real tailgates and people travel to come and see the team play. It's awesome that Dustin gets to be a part of something that holds so much respect for the town and the people.
Now I'm used to ASU football games where guys wear basketball shorts and sleevless shirts and the girls are in shorter than short shorts and tanks (haha sterotypical asu) but here- its SO DIFFERENT! Guys are wearing docker shorts orange oxfords and sperrys (or the true cowboys in their wranglers and cowboy hats) and the girls wear cute OSU sundresses and cowboy boots. Its a totally different world. I wore a skirt to the game last night something i would have NEVER done at ASU. I guess I'm in the south where football rules and its like any other event one would dress up for.
However the negative side of football season is that Dustin is ALWAYS busy. While I couldn't be more happy that i at least get to see him everyday, it is hard when he dosen't have a day off. But he's juggling school, work and me well but i know sometimes he just needs a moment to breathe.
Lastly, I'm still adjusting to Oklahoma life. I still dont wanna call myself an "Oklahoman" quite yet. It's just a true culture shock but i've met some great people and continue to adapt each day.

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