Friday, August 20, 2010

Long overdo for an Update......

I guess I'm due for an update on what we've been up to for the past month...
Dustin and I are settling into our Oklahoma life. He's been really busy with football and I got a job at a local car dealership so I've been working full time. I'm not quite ready to call Oklahoma "home" but its feeling more normal to me everyday. Its so weird that one of us isn't going to take off on an airplane and go cross the country. Living in the same place has been great-everything we thought it'd be and more. Things that couples take for granite by being with each other all the time-we know is special becuase we know what else there could be. For the first time in our relationship Dustin was able to pick me up at my apartment for a date. Its little things like that that ae normal to everyone else, are all new for us.
We've met a lot of great people here in Stillwater. We've gone out and experienced the Oklahoma night life...and it is definatly different than anything I've experienced. The culture here has been the biggest change for me. Its definatly a conservative-cowboy-cattle raising-superduty truck- town. But then again theres the other side which has more of what i'm comfortable with. It's an adjustment definatly.
Dustin's doing really well with the football team. He's liking being challenged and all the experiences. Football definatly reigns supreme in this town and in Oklahoma and being connected with it is a dig deal.
SO a month in, everything's been going well. School starts on monday for Dustin and the first football game is the 4th. I'm excited for football and to see this small town go crazy.

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