Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Beginnings in Stillwater and A Surprise Trip to ATL!

Well I feel like an update is needed as a lot has happened in the past weeks.

On June 30th I left Arizona and headed to Oklahoma. It was weird leaving knowing that this was the last time I'd be here actually living here. But it was all bittersweet knowing that I'd be with Dustin soon. The first day we drive to Santa Rosa, NM. The next day we drove from Santa Rosa all the way to Stillwater OK!

The first few days were spent unpacking and figuring out how I wanted my apartment to look. It's still weird to think that I have my own place. I've never really been on my own and it's still taking some getting used to.

My Family left that following wednesday and it was sad to see them leave. I really appreciated everything they helped me with and did for me. I'll miss them but its time to spread the wings!!

So I didn't have too long to settle into my new home because thursday Dustin was taking me on a mystery vacation! He'd been telling me about this for the past few weeks-never letting me know where we were actually going. I was just told what to pack and to come with him to the Airport. It wasn't until after we'd checked our bags that he reveled where we were going.........ATLANTA! At first I was like "Atlanta, whats there?" The first thing that popped into my mind was the 1996 Olympics with Kerri Strug and the US Gymnastics team, but Dustin soon reveled what our plans where going to be. We would be going to THE WORLDS LARGEST AQUARIUM, the CNN center, the Atlanta Zoo, Atlanta History Center and out for a Sushi Dinner. It was so nice and flattering to know that he took the time out to think of me and plan all of this w/o me knowing about it.

After a few airport delays we finally made it to Atlanta. We had to take the subway from the airport to our hotel and let me tell you it's not something I'd ever want to have to do alone. We stayed at the Marriott Marquis in downtown Atlanta and this hotel was huge! it was about 50 stories and the entire inside of the hotel was open so if you stood in the center and looked up you would be able to see until the top floor!

The next morning we got up and headed out for the Atlanta Zoo. After trying to figure out the Atlanta bus and subway system again we finally made it to the Zoo. Highlights of the Zoo? It wasn't too crowded and we got the see Pandas! After the Zoo and 2 bus rides and a brief walk later we were at the Atlanta History Center. They had an exhibit for the 1996 Olympics which I loved and other exhibits about the Civil war and the history of Atlanta. That night I took Dustin out for a (belated) birthday dinner at Bennihannas and then we headed back to the hotel.

The next day was AQUARIUM DAY! This was most defiantly my favorite part of the whole trip. This aquarium was huge! Highlight of the day was getting to go on a behind the scenes tour of the Aquarium and seeing their 6.2 million gallon tank with 4, 20 foot Whale Sharks. It was neat to be able to see how everything works and see a different perspective. I don't know why but I love aquariums and the Georgia Aquarium was the reason why Dustin decided to take me to Atlanta.
Our behind the scenes wasn't over since we were next heading over to the CNN center where the CNN headquarters is. We were able to go on a behind the scenes tour of the center and even get to see a live broadcast and meet two of the reporters. After CNN we headed over to our dinner reservations at the Sushi Restaurant and then head back to our hotel.
The following day we said goodbye to Atlanta and heading back to Oklahoma! Overall it was an awesome trip and I am so thankful and appreciative that Dustin took the time to plan it and think of me.

Well now we're back in Stillwater it's time for me to crack down and find a job! Today I actually have two interviews today so I am hoping those go well and soon I'll be employed!

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