Sunday, May 8, 2011

Found a dress!

So I am happy to report that I've found a wedding dress! It was not planned, nor did I have anyone with me but I was able to find one that I felt was MY dress. Dustin and I planned a trip down to OKC. We had gone mini golfing an then we had a massage planned for later that evening. We were driving around killing time and I told him to drop me off at a bridal store. I had gotten an mail about a trunk show and I wanted to stop in. Walked in and I didn't see anyone else in there, I was greeted my the consultant and told to take a look through the racks and find ones I liked. After trying on what seems like hu dress of wedding dresses I a
Was ab,e to weed out the definate nos and focus on the possibilities. I was a little apprehensive when I only found 2 dresses I liked. But when back to the dressing room with an open mind. As I walked back there was another bride with a dress on and at that moment I knew that was it. It looked almost exactly like another dress I had tried on at a previous store and was in my mind as the front runner. I tried on the first dress I had pulled and it was ok,pretty but just ok. The second dress I tried on I really liked, but I just couldn't wrap my head around this being THE dress. I Kept telling my consultant, as soon as that other first takes that dress off I want to try it on! Finially she took off the dress and I was able to put it on. I can't say that I had an overwhelming emotional feeling but I just felt I knew this was foign to be it. Its odd because I'm an emotional person in every other aspect but this just seemed to be just a calm rational decision. I was happy though, very happy and excited that id finially found one.
Some may say that you shouldn't pick out a wedding dress alone and its something you should have family, friends there for. But I just found that going alone worked for me. It's not what I ever pictured I would do , but it's just how it happened. I don't have any regrets and I know everyone will have their own opinions but I'm happy.
So dress is picked yes!! Now to tackle all my other wedding issues....great.

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