Friday, June 11, 2010

St. Thomas & The Next Step

Well we got back from our vacation in St. Thomas last week and really enjoyed it! We are very thankful for my mom doing the whole trip for us and being there. St. Thomas is a very pretty area and the resort that we stayed at (Marriot Frenchman’s Reef & Morning Star) is amazing. When we first got to the airport it seemed like we were going to land in the water because the runway literally starts right where the water ends. The airport is very small and when you get off they have FREE rum shots for you to take. I am getting to old to do shots nowadays and decided to pass that opportunity up. There was also a guy who was playing Caribbean music and it was a nice welcoming. We then got our bags and were on our way to the resort. The water there is beautiful and the downtown is all stores to lure tourist in. We stayed there for a week and got to see St. Johns, go snorkeling (even though Gina is afraid of fish), parasailing, layout, go up to the pool bar, eat at this restaurant called Paradise Point, and shopping. It was the first, and probably the only, time I saw Gina actually not buy anything and kinda complain about shopping (due to the humidity). I was absolutely amazed at what was occurring as I am usually the one wanting to get out of there. But to conclude with St. Thomas it was pretty, fun, and a great experience.

Now I am currently in Stillwater, Oklahoma at Oklahoma St. University working with their football team. I love the facilities here and the people. It truly is a great place to work and everyone her enjoys life and what they do, so it’s defiantly a good thing to be around with. I moved down this past weekend and it was roughly an 11 hour drive from home. My dad helped me move and you never really notice how much “crap” you have until you actually move it. I am living by myself and waiting on Gina to move down to OK! Living by yourself has its ups and downs. I enjoy the silence and time to yourself but you do get lonely. It will nice to have Gina down here (which will be around July 4th weekend) so I can have something to look forward to when I get off work. This is going to be a HUGE step in our relationship but is something that we have waited for, for a looonnnngggg time. I can’t wait to be able to enjoy a “normal” relationship and be able to experience “date night” and just spending time together whenever we want. It will be nice to finally have time on our side, which will be forever, because Gina is the love of my life and the one I want to spend forever with!

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