Monday, March 22, 2010


Well Spring Break was very successful. My mom and I flew out to Oklahoma on monday to meet up with Dustin and his mom to check out the town of Stillwater,OK. Dustin will be moving there in June and I'll follow him there in July so it was a necessity to find an apartment and get a sense of the town! I don't really know what my expectations of Oklahoma were, I guess flat land with farms and cowboys, but it defiantly didn't look anything like it. There were rolling hills and tons of lakes everywhere! Plus a bunch of those oil-rig thingies.
We flew into Tulsa then it was about an hour drive to Stillwater. It's a small town-but still large enough to have a SUPER walmart (oh yaa) and other strip mall shopping centers.
We got in that afternoon and went out to check out some apartments. We looked at 2 different ones, basically the nicest in the area. For various reasons, Dustin and I got separate apartments. It wouldn't be my first choice but I do understand why it is important to have our own space after never living in the same state before!
The next morning we went back to sign on an apartment. We choose one that is built right on a golf course so Dustin gets free golfing (but theres free tanning there for me) Dustin will be moving in the beginning of June for football training camp and I'll head out there in July.
The remainder of the trip was spent checking out the town and trying to figure out a place for me to work!
I'm excited for the move and the change. A little nervous just to make sure I find a job when I'm out there! The Sports facilities are great for Dustin and his work with the football team. Its going to be an adventure for the both of us but I'm glad to be going at it together :)

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  1. Stillwater is a gorgeous area, if you need any tips let me know :)