Saturday, January 22, 2011

Engagement and puppy training

Well for those who didn't know, Dustin asked me to marry him on New Years Eve and along with the proposal came a new addition. Chloe is our new little beagle puppy. I was so excited and happy for both the engagement and the puppy. She is a little ball of energy who does not like to be put in her kennel and loves to sit on your lap. It's so neat to see her little personality develop and mess around with her. Today she turns 3 months and I can't believe how big she's gotten Justin the few weeks we've had her. I want her to stay small forever, but becoming potty trained would be a plus.
Dustin and I havent done too much in regards to planning our wedding. We've brainstormed ideas and talked about tentative plans but nothing detonate yet. I'm surprised in how calm I am about it right now. I always thought I'd be out picking a dress right after I got engaged. But I've always been a procrastinator so that might work against me in this wedding planning. Right now I'm just happy to be engaged and want to take time to enjoy that part of our relationship. A lot of couples rush straight into planning and dont take the time to enjoy this period in the relationship.
We did go to a bridal convention today and plan on going to one tomorrow in Oklahoma city. Dustin is just beyond thrilled about it (insert sarcasm). But it's good for us to go and get ideas. I have a general idea in my mind of what I want the wedding to be like but we've got time to figure it out.

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